United Kingdom Embassy in Port of Spain

The British Embassy in Port of Spain

United Kingdom Embassy in Port of Spain

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Trinidad and Tobago. British Diplomatic representation. Information on consular services of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Port of Spain.

Visa applications, passports, consular statements, legalisation of documents and more.

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British High Commission in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 19 St Clair Avenue St Clair Trinidad and Tobago

Telephone Number:

(+1 868) 622 2748 (+1 868) 628 1234 / 1068

Fax Number:

(+1 868) 622 4555






Mr Ronald Nash, High Commissioner

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 0730-1200 / 1300-1600 Fri: 0730-1230


A typical British Embassy a British Embassy is Britain’s principal representation in a foreign country or foreign sovereign state.

The head person in an Embassy would be the Ambassador, selected by the foreign office and usually would have the approval of the British Prime Minister and would basically be a non political appointment.

Often, Embassies are also the main official residence for the Ambassador and in general diplomatic circles all Embassy premises/compounds are considered the territory of the home country.

In larger countries abroad an Embassy would be found in the capital or principal city of that country and, perhaps, smaller diplomatic missions, called Consulates, located in other cities, manned by an Honorary Consul (a British national) and reporting to the main consul in the embassy.

A British embassy is normally divided into several departments, usually a visa section, consular section, commercial section, political section and military section, each section having its own manager, often referred to as attaches. Such staff appointments would usually be filled by British nationals whereas subordinate staff could be junior ex-pats and even locals to provide their unique local input

The work of the various sections of a British Embassy are:
- Visa section: To process visa applications from locals/foreign tourists wishing to visit Britain.
- Consular section: To deal with new passport applications, lost or stolen passports, marriages between British nationals and host country natives, matters encountered by British nationals abroad, such as births, deaths, accidents, repatriations as well as problems involving criminal activity, the local country’s judiciary/prisons/police plus the general security of the Embassy premises. Very often the work of the Visa and Consular sections are inter-linked.
- Commercial section: To assist with trade matters between the two countries, investments, etc.
- Political section: As the name implies, to deal with political matters arising.
- Military section: To monitor military activity in the host country and how it might/might not affect United Kingdom sovereignty or security.